About Us

Strategic Planning and Account Management solutions

Why choose us?

Hands Associates has developed an outstanding reputation over the years, placing us as a clear leader in the field. There are many things that set us apart from our competitors including:


A simple, yet very effective process

Our simplistic, yet structured approach makes it easy to both learn and implement various changes to improve your bottom line. Starting out with a free consultation, we’ll show you exactly what needs to be done in order to drive in more profits, even if you choose not to hire us.


Extensive experience

Each member of the team has a significant amount of experience in their field of expertise. Whether you need a marketing guru, an effective account manager or an expert in healthcare sales – we’ve got you covered.


Full training, guidance and support provided to ensure long-term results

Perhaps the main thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact we stick around. We don’t just provide potential solutions and then leave you to do all of the hard work. We want to know how our strategies are working for you and that you’re getting the best results.


We use cost-effective, user friendly software to support our methodology

Your business leaders and sales people will be able to keep up and manage client accounts in real time using our unique, budget-friendly, easy to use software package.
The main thing that sets us apart however? Results! All of the solutions we recommend are guaranteed to get results. To us this isn’t just a job, it’s something we’re passionate about so you can be sure we’ll work hard to make a real difference to your organisation.


Meet the team

Hands Associates consists of a highly skilled, passionate team of professionals. With a strong pharmaceutical background, our experts are particularly well-equipped to work with companies operating within more complex healthcare organisations.

Clients who have adopted our strategies to excel