Hands KAM

For those organisations who recognise the advantages of a leading edge account management tool Hands Associates have designed Hands KAM.

Hands KAM is an innovative and interactive web based software tool for Key Account Management which is both highly effective and easy to use. As well as providing an excellent way of collating and managing account plans, Hands KAM also looks at account growth over time and so is invaluable when planning resource targeting and calculating return on investment.

Hands KAM is a web based software programme which has been designed to assist businesses in managing their key accounts more profitably. This highly effective tool has been developed to be both engaging and easy to use. The structure follows a clear business logic which focuses on building profitable customer relationships and influencing business decisions in your favour.

Every day your customers make decisions which affect the future of your business.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much do your account managers REALLY know about how these decisions are            made?
  • How much do your account managers REALLY influence the big decisions?
  • How much more profitable could your business be if more of these decisions went in          your company’s favour?

Hands KAM is built on a robust and pragmatic methodology which supports account managers in REALLY understanding how business decisions are made. Hands KAM is a web based account planning system which is designed to put your account managers at the centre of the decision. Hands KAM is a highly interactive tool which will engage and inspire your account managers to truly own their account plans and implement them with precision and drive.

Key Features

  • Key Account identification and                  ranking
  • Creation of account teams
  • Decision making unit (DMU) analysis
  • Investment management
  • Detailed account plans
  • Comprehensive reporting suite

Not another CRM!

Software alone doesn’t sell anything – 10 years of building Account teams means Hands Associates know what type of software Key Account Managers need to support effective implementation.

Of course it does everything you would expect but it has been specifically built to make Account Managers more effective in making the more profitable decisions more often.

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G2P - Account Planner

G2PAccount Planner© is a simple online planning tool which focuses specifically on the decision making unit and the account plan. It gives the user immediate visibility of what needs to be done and who needs to be involved in driving decisions in your favour. G2P Account Planner is built so that within minutes you can be managing and building accounts. The popular Hands Associates method of analysis i.e. Objective, Decision, Action is built in to the tool and enables you to build actionable decision making units with ease.

Buy individual license now by clicking buy now on the log in page at only $67 for a 1 year license. If sharing the information across the sales team is important then contact +44(0)161 246 6017 or to upgrade for a one off fee of $200.

Decision Influencer Map

The Decision Influencer Map is a really simple and really popular 12 box matrix which helps guide key account managers through a consistent process to understand their accounts in greater depth, more importantly it will enable organisations to see who the key customers in the account are and what messages they are likely to respond to. We suggest you watch the video tutorials first below first and then you can download it in excel format from here.

Decision Influencer Map – Excel tutorial

Decision Influencer Map – Overview


The “Feet on the street” or coverage and frequency sales model in Pharma is in decline. Today, taking a multidisciplinary team approach and gaining a real understanding of local networks and influencers is fundamental to gaining local market access for a brand.

Data Intelligence’s Key Account Management system, PharmaKAMTM, provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate a Pharma company’s Key Account Management sales approach. Co-developed with leading Pharma companies, PharmaKAMTM supports the implementation of a comprehensive KAM sales process that can be readily adapted to an organisation’s specific needs.

Through leveraging PharmaKAMTM, companies gain greater visibility, granularity and control over the accounts that matter, at the same time as enabling organisations to bring all their resources to bear in influencing vital decisions such as formulary recommendations.

PharmaKAMTM is developed in the exciting next generation technology, Silverlight, delivering a visually appealing and intuitive user experience – both online and offline.

Read our PharmaKAMTM Product Brief for more.

PharmaKAMTM includes the following:

  • Home Page
  • Identification
  • Profiling
  • Segmentation
  • Influence Mapping
  • Planning
  • Task Management
  • Performance Monitoring

For a sales force to be effective, each sales rep needs the right knowledge, motivation, support and skills to translate opportunities into sales. Without these essential ingredients, the sales and marketing effort will underachieve, often leading to frustration among sales teams and their managers, high attrition rates and increased training costs.

PharmaCOACH is our innovative online application designed to help you maximise the productivity and effectiveness of your sales force. It brings together all the tools and information that sales managers need to co-ordinate the development of their sales teams.

PharmaCOACH also provides sales reps with invaluable analysis, data and support, tailored to their individual development needs.

Combining next-generation online technology with our deep knowledge of the pharma sales process, PharmaCOACH provides a unique software solution to help optimise the investment your business makes in your sales force.

PharmaCOACH is developed in the exciting next generation technology, Silverlight, delivering a visually appealing and intuitive user experience.

Read our PharmaCOACH Product Brief for more.

PharmaCOACH includes the following:

  • Performance Tracking
  • Skills Ratings
  • Training Resources
  • Coaching Preparation
  • Coaching Sessions

PharmaPRECISION™ brings together Data Intelligence’s wealth of experience of Data Management and combines this with real world pharmaceutical know how. By working synergistically the two streams come together to ensure that our customers benefit from our capabilities of fast data manipulation to ensure that the costs of any project are centred on the added value analysis that our specialist consultants can offer and not the production of megabytes of Excel based spreadsheets.

A typical PharmaPRECISION™ project will be run in stages and will look to involve the key stakeholders from the outset. This way we can ensure that your precise needs are identified and the buy in will be realised throughout the organisation.

Our core offerings are designed specifically in Sales Force Effectiveness and we have experience of working with small team builds of Key Account Managers through to mega launches with over 600 multi team representatives in the UK alone.

  • Customer Targeting
    • A customer segmentation and targeting process designed with the end user in mind
  • Sales Target Setting
    • A real world solution to setting equitable sales targets within a changing environment
  • Resource Planning
    • Identifying and mapping the ideal fieldforce structure for your brand or organisation
  • Incentive Scheme Development
    • Designing reward and recognition processes to drive your business forward
  • Total BI Resourcing
    • The provision of a guaranteed resource to deliver true SFE analytics for your organisation


All of these solutions are designed to flex to meet any organisations demand and our commitment is to ensure that we offer the right solution for you, every time.


With the pressure on pharmaceutical commercial teams at an all-time high and the product pipeline at an historic low, embedding appropriate skills and processes continually has become a crucial requirement. Simply reviewing core behaviours once or twice a year is not enough and the review itself can be time consuming and daunting as many behavioural examples are either forgotten or lost in translation throughout the business year.

Part of the Microsoft award winning suite from Data Intelligence Limited – PharmaTALENTTM is an innovative online application that enables your sales team to self assess their performance against benchmark core behaviours throughout the year. This grading is comprehensively supported by an online library of core behavioural examples that the representative can complete at any stage, therefore ensuring that examples of excellence are both consistent and not lost throughout the year.

PharmaTALENTTM empowers the field management team to review the gradings, amend them for consistency and submit them to a wider levelling board. The levelling board has access to the full field force data set and can therefore review the data at all levels to ensure consistent and fair appraisals for all team members, as well as benchmarks and evolution of best practice sales behaviours.

PharmaTALENTTM has embedded powerful reporting capabilities that help support management and the training department in analysing the core development needs, creating the annual training plan, and importantly observing progression in skills application as the field force develops. When linked with outcomes related data, sales team ROI can be analysed at all hierarchical levels.

PharmaTALENTTM is developed in the exciting next generation technology, Silverlight, delivering a visually appealing and intuitive user experience – both online and offline.